Tapestry Church is launching a new initiative to seed, grow, and multiply new church communities in the growing Metro areas of Texas. These communities will cultivate mature Christians who are rooted in faith in Jesus Christ, growing in soul care communities, leading on diverse teams, and partnering with people in need.
A new church community starting in West San Antonio. We’re currently looking for people interested in being part of a new church. To find out more, contact us!

Why Another Church in San Antonio?

Aerial view of area around Kallison Ranch High School Friday May 20, 2016. Photo by Edward A. Ornelas, San Antonio Express News, http://projects.expressnews.com/sa-growth-the-next-million, May 2016

San Antonio was the 9th fastest-growing city in the U.S. in 2018. San Antonio projects adding 1 million more residents by 2040.  https://www.bizjournals.com/austin/news/2019/04/18/as-some-big-cities-lose-residents-austin-is-adding.html

40% of new housing is in the West Suburbs, where the school district expects to add 45,000 new students: http://projects.expressnews.com/growth-in-the-schools

More than 725,000 people out of 2.5 mil in San Antonio are unchurched or dechurched. https://www.barna.com/research/churchless-cities-where-does-your-city-rank, May 2015

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